Friday, September 6, 2013

5,000 and more thanks!!!

To thank its 5,000 and more Facebook fans, Minimal USA shared with them a new project recently completed in the Upper East Side, New York.

The lower cabinets in brown oak are topped with a white Caesarstone countertop, while the upper cabinets are in glossy white lacquer. The backsplash, in the same material as the countertop, is instead interrupted by a stainless steel sheet which, running along the left side of the kitchen, creates a mirror effect that confers amplitude to the room.
The cabinets’ groove is an elegant solution to keep the overall design of the kitchen uniform and clean. Its 45 degree edges allow an easy opening of the units, without resorting to the use of handles.
The 2 inches-low kickplate is the design complement of the user friendly character of the kitchen. Its height in fact, not only gives 15% more of storage space, but also creates a real floating effect for the cabinets, turning the kitchen in a monolith sculpture, thanks also to the mitered edges of the units.

Minimal USA VERVE Kitchen UES Private Residence
VERVE Kitchen
Picture by Federica Carlet

In this U-shaped kitchen, the left side was designed as a storage and working space, thanks to the top in Caesarstone that flows along the entire wall. In the center area, the sink and dishwasher, concealed with a panel in the same material and color of the cabinets. The right side has been reserved at the gas range, topped by other glossy white lacquer cabinets and, just below of them, the stainless steel sheet completes the design.

Minimal USA VERVE Kitchen UES Private Residence
Close up of the white Caesarstone countertop
Picture by Federica Carlet

The right space at the entrance of the room, was filled with two majestic columns in glossy white lacquer panels with stainless steel handles, which hide refrigerators and freezers. Always on the right side, in a niche at the entrance, a pantry has been concealed in the wall which, camouflaging itself, provides additional storage space.

Minimal USA VERVE Kitchen UES Private Residence
Front view of the paneled fridges and freezers and the pantry
Picture by Federica Carlet

Go and check the entire project on Minimal USA official profiles on Facebook and Pinterest.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How to maximize the functionality of a studio apartment!

Minimal USA has shown the flexibility of its products, designing the kitchen and the wardrobe for a studio in Columbus Circle area and, at the same time, has proved once again that luxury not only belongs to big spaces.

In this 650 square feet studio, Minimal USA has designed its tiny kitchen of 27 square feet and the closets of 16 square feet, whilst Studio Bichara, the Italian interior design company that partnered with Minimal USA for completing the project, has developed the design of the bedroom area and the living room.

The studio
photos by: Federica Carlet

The kitchen features glossy white lacquer cabinets and doors, while the countertop is made of black absolute Caeserstone. The black glass mosaic backsplash completes the elegance of the design creating silver reflections. The fluidity of the design keeps on the left side of this tiny kitchen thanks to the glass oven put at the same height of the backsplash and the paneled refrigeration column closes the space.

View of the 27 square feet kitchen

At the opposite side of the kitchen, closed to the entrance of the studio, Minimal USA designed the closet. These doors in glossy white lacquer, not only are a sleek solution, but are also functional, since they can slide sideway, creating light plays that give depth to the small area that takes to the bathroom.

Closets by Minimal USA

Studio Bichara has designed the rest of the studio, creating special glass doors that slide all over the length of it, becoming doors for the closet area and for the kitchen when opened and doors for the central boiserie when closed. The Italian interior design company has also designed a turning system that allow guest to comfortably watch television both from the couch and from the bed.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Minimal USA is Best in Design

RoomReveal, one of the most important home design photos websites for professionals, has announced the winners of its Spring 2013 Reveal Award Competition and Minimal USA is one of the Companies that have won the title of Best in Design.

The competition, open to all the members of the website, has been carried on from the beginning of the year until May. The winners has been chosen among thousands of profiles, based on the numbers of the nominations a Company received from other professionals and the quality of the projects shown.

Minimal USA is Best in Design
Minimal USA won RoomReveal's Best in Design prize

This prestigious prize confirms once again the quality not only of the products but also, and more important, of the design of Minimal USA that has now been officially proven also by architects and interior designers.

Visit and follow the official profile of Minimal USA also on RoomReveal to not lose any other projects of the company.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Small kitchens by Minimal USA

Minimal kitchens are not only ideal for penthouses, large spaces and open spaces!

The production flexibility of the Italian Company allows to maintain a high quality even when it comes to designing kitchens for small spaces.

Here's than the functionality, quality and elegance of a kitchen by Minimal can be found also in spaces of 27 square feet, or even in a space of 54 square feet, proving that luxury is not just for large spaces.

Small Kitchen by Minimal USA
27 square feet kitchen in a studio at Columbus Circle, NYC
photo by:

These small kitchens are not just the only example of how Minimal proves its quality flexibility.

There are, in fact, many examples of bathrooms and other ambient designed ​​by Minimal to beautify and decor small spaces.

Small Kitchen by Minimal USA
54 square feet kitchen in Union Square, NYC
photo by:

Stay tuned to see other proofs of the customizable quality of the Made ​​in Italy of Minimal.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Minimal USA makes "minimal" even the outdoor

More than 300 guests including architects, interior designers, press and clients, have admired for the very first time Minimal’s first outdoor kitchen in all its glory on Minimal USA’s showroom rooftop.

Minimal USA Outdoor Kitchen Event
Minimal USA's showroom rooftop has hosted the Company's ICFF event

The event, in partnership with Gaggenau, Hangar Design Group and sponsored by Serralunga, Birra Moretti and Jean-Charles Boisset, has also had a live coverage on Minimal USA’s social media profiles.

The unfolding of the night, in fact, could also be followed on Minimal USA's FacebookInstagram and Twitter official accounts, where more pictures of the party and, most of all, of the kitchen will be uploaded to soon.

Minimal USA Outdoor Kitchen Event
Outdoor furniture sponsored by Serralunga

Minimal’s first line of outdoor kitchens has effectively removed all limits to its offering. Architects and interior designers can finally give space to their creativity by conceiving the use of the kitchens in outdoor spaces, making them, at the same time, minimal.

Minimal USA Outdoor Kitchen Event
The managing director and the staff of BOLON by VIIIR took part at the event 

Professionals and not have now the perfect product to give free rein to their imagination to create new styles combining elegance, beauty, design and practicality, both inside and outside their houses, counting on the quality of the Made in Italy of Minimal USA.

Minimal USA Outdoor Kitchen Event
The architect Gary Paul and his friends enjoying the night

This outdoor friendly collection features materials that make the kitchen not only perfect for the outdoors, but also for the interiors, ensuring a superlative result. The design is typical of Minimal USA: contemporary and minimal. As any other products by Minimal, the kitchen is fully customizable in size.

Minimal USA Outdoor Kitchen Event
Minimal USA Outdoor Kitchen Preview Event in its full swing

Once again, Minimal USA has shown its continuous research & development efforts aimed at improving and offering products with the latest high-tech innovations.

Minimal USA Outdoor Kitchen Event
Guests enjoying the ICFF event on Minimal USA's showroom rooftop

Further innovations that have already been introduced to Minimal USA’s products are new wood doors with veneers thick enough (4 millimeters = 0.15 inches) to be used as countertops, significantly stronger than those used by the competition. The new veneers come in a multitude of different woods and can be custom finished to match the customers’ preferences.

There is no limit to imagination. There is no limit with Minimal USA.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Minimal USA on DVD and Blu-ray...again!!!

From today Side Effects is available on DVD and is Minimal USA!

Minimal USA’s VERVE kitchen designed for The Brewster Carriage House is, in fact, featured in the movie Side Effects starring Jude Law, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rooney Mara and Channing Tatum.

Minimal USA in Side Effects Movie

One of the apartments in the historical building in Nolita, NYC has been selected to host the last movie by the Academy Award–winning film director Steven Soderbergh.
Jude Law interprets the psychiatrist Jonathan Banks who lives with his wife Dierdre Banks (Vinessa Shaw) and their son in this open space apartment. The kitchen was designed by Stefano Venier, Minimal USA’s art director and manufactured by Minimal in Italy.

Minimal USA VERVE kitchen in Side Effects
Minimal USA's VERVE kitchen shown in Side Effects

Thanks to its sleek and refined design, the kitchen is framed many times during the movie and even in the official trailer. The kitchen is the ambient chosen to shoot one of the crucial scenes of the film in which the psychiatrist and his wife have an important discussion.
Also, for a full minute, Minimal USA’s VERVE kitchen takes up the entire screen whilst Jude Law, from behind, is concentrating on studying the case at his desk.

Minimal USA VERVE Kitchen in Side Effects
Side view of VERVE kitchen shown in Side Effects

This is the second time that one of our custom kitchens has been featured in a Hollywood production. In 2011, Minimal USA was asked to design a kitchen for Patrick Dempsey, the bad guy in the movie Transformers 3 – Dark of the Moon starring, among others, Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and John Turturro.

Minimal USA in Transformers 3 - Dark of the Moon
Click on the image to view the view the scene on our YouTube channel

These are just two examples of how the aesthetic sense and the commitment to custom design of Minimal USA create bespoke sophisticated products fit for the red carpet…even without make-up!

Friday, May 17, 2013

The party is about to start!

Little more than 24 hours at the official presentation of the New Outdoor Kitchen by Minimal and the preparation of the awaited event proceeds relentlessly to ensure the guests an experience to remember for a long time.

The theme of the night will be obviously the Made in Italy, to highlight the quality of Minimal products.

In addition to outdoor furniture sponsored by Serralunga, in fact, Birra Moretti, has sponsored the beers.

Minimal USA Outdoor Kitchen Preview Party
Beers sponsored by Birra Moretti

Hangar Design Group then, an Italian branding company with branches all over the world, has decided to take the opportunity of the exceptional event at the showroom of Minimal USA to launch its new iPhone application: Hangar Travel Guide.

Minimal USA Outdoor Kitchen Preview Party
New Hangar Travel Guide App

Last but not least, the wines have been sponsored by the family collection of Jean-Charles Boisset.

Minimal USA Outdoor Kitchen Preview Party
Wines from the family collection of Jean-Charles Boisset

Once again, do not forget to follow Minimal USA through its official profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get to know live the final preparations, the unfolding of the night and, most importantly, the unveiling of the revolutionary Outdoor Kitchen by Minimal.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Countdown to the party!

Still few days until the highly anticipated event where Minimal will unveil its first collection of outdoor kitchens and it is time to give some update.

The preparations for the party follow one another, day after day, and all the materials needed are coming to Minimal USA's showroom for them to perform the event.

The kitchen is, in fact, already there and it is waiting to be installed first and then revealed....

The revolutionary design is already here, ready to be unveiled!

....and guests will be sure to have a relaxation area thanks to the outdoor furnishings sponsored by Serralunga.

Minimal USA 2013 ICFF Party Outdoor Furniture Sponsored by Serralunga
Outdoor furniture sponsored by Serralunga

Once again, start immediately to follow Minimal USA on its official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles to be part of the event and to not miss the opportunity to discover in preview the happenings of the event.

Stay tuned! More is about to come!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Minimal's First Outdoor Kitchen Collection

Minimal USA 2013 ICFF Party Invite

Soon it will be the time of year when all the lovers of design focus all of their attention on New York City and its ICFF.

Like every year, the NYC design week will unveiled new brands, new products and new trends for the design world.

Minimal is not to be outdone!

For Minimal, in fact, the 25th edition of the ICFF will not only be the perfect opportunity to meet actual and future clients, architects and interior designers, but also an edition to remember for many years.

During Minimal USA's private rooftop party in fact, Minimal will reveal its first line of kitchen also perfect for outdoor use. 
Thanks to the featured materials, capable to resisting atmospheric elements, this new collection can be use indoor and, most of all, outdoor!

The design remains typical of the Italian company: contemporary, sleek and, of course, minimal.

Once again Minimal will show its continuous research & development efforts aimed at offering the latest technological innovations.

For the occasion, the event at Minimal USA's showroom rooftop on May, Saturday 18th, will see the participation and the sponsorship of others important brands. 

Gaggenau and Hangar Design Group will be official partners, while Serralunga will provide the outdoor furniture for the guests. Beers will be sponsored by Birra Moretti, while the wines will be offered by the family collection of Jean-Charles Boisset.

Despite the event is strictly by invitation only, people will have the opportunity to follow the party through the official profiles of Minimal USA on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

What are you waiting for??? 
Start immediately to follow Minimal USA to not miss a moment of this extraordinary event!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A whole new way to follow Minimal USA!

We are extremely excited to announce a new way to follow Minimal USA!

Minimal USA is, in fact, now on Instagram!

Every day new pictures of the "behind of the scenes" of the Company. 
An unconventional way to get to know, understand, appreciate and love Minimal USA's projects and products.

Pictures from the showroom and from the events will be also posted, to let you be closer to your favorite kitchen and bathroom Company!

So Instagram and Minimal USA lovers what are you waiting for? 

Start immediately to follow Minimal USA by visiting the official profile on Instagram or by searching "minimal_usa" directly into your won't be disappointed!

Minimal USA LogoMinimal USA on Instagram

Thursday, April 4, 2013

News about The Clock Tower

In the last few days, a lot of blogs and well-known magazines, such as NY Daily News, NY Curbed and The Real Deal, went crazy reporting news about The Clock Tower in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

We take this opportunity to share with you new images of the kitchen we designed and new images of the interns of this dream apartment!

Minimal USA GLAM Kitchen at The Clock Tower
Our GLAM Kitchen by night

GLAM Kitchen by Minimal USA at The Clock Tower
View of the Countertop in Pietra Cardosa

Go and check our Facebook Page to have a look at all the other images and tell us what you think!

The Clock Tower - View of the internsThe Clock Tower - View of the ground floor

The Clock Tower - View from the terraceThe Clock Tower - Living Room

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

No one Stronger than Minimal

Minimal further differentiates itself from the competitors by introducing new materials 

Minimal is introducing new wood doors with veneers thick enough (4 millimeters = 0.15 inches) to be used as countertops, making the cabinets as strong as solid wood whilst still maintaining a light weight and eliminating any chance of warping. The new veneers, significantly stronger than those used by competition are an absolute novelty for the market and come in a multitude of different woods and can be custom finished to match the customers’ preferences.

Minimal USA New Thicker and Stronger Wood Doors
Comparison between old (above) and new thicker and stronger wood doors (below)

This, together with other innovations, are a testament to Minimal’s continuous research & development efforts aimed at offering the latest technological innovations together with their cutting edge design. Minimal designs do not have to be cold and the use of these prestigious woods is often used to warm up any environment.

Minimal USA Thickness of the New Wood Doors
Thickness of the new wood doors

This new concept of incredibly strong material, will be presented during the party that Minimal USA is organizing in its Chelsea's showroom for the 2013 ICFF week. The party, coveted event for design fans, will allow guests to preview and touch this and other special features that Minimal will introduce later this year.

New Thicker and Stronger Wood Doors

New Thicker and Stronger Wood Doors

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Minimal USA on the set.....again!!!

Have you already watched the movie Side Effects?

If yes, did you recognize anything familiar into Jude Law and Vinessa Shaw's apartment???

If not....well, we have the perfect excuse to invite you to go and watch it!

What is it? Hint: 1:23 in the official trailer, on the left.....not Jude Law!

To help you, here's a snapshot from the video:

Minimal USA - Kitchen for Side Effects Movie
Click on the image below to watch the trailer

This is the second time that a kitchen design by Minimal USA is featured inside a movie. 

The first case was for the bad guy's kitchen of Transformers 3 - Dark of the Moon:

Click on the image to watch the clip

Once again, the aesthetic sense and the commitment to custom design put Minimal USA on the red carpet, highlighting how its cutting edge design makes its kitchens refined, sleek and beautiful even for a Hollywood production.....even without make-up!  

Monday, February 18, 2013

"Sculpture-Kitchens" in Tribeca - Part 1

We have just completed another project designing two kitchens of two high-end apartments at the second and the sixth floor at 88 Franklin Street in Tribeca, NYC.

Here's the pictures and the details of the kitchen of the second floor apartment. 
To see the rest of the images, visit our official Facebook Page and tell us what you think!

In the open space on the second floor, the minimalist design of the island in smooth matte gray Lacquer and CaesarStone quartz countertop, makes the island the focal point of the room.

Minimal USA GLAM Kitchen at 88 Franklin Street, NYC.
The kitchen overlooking the open space

Against the wall, the base cabinets in the same color are dominated by the hood: a sculptural chimney structure that goes all the way to the top of the 15ft ceiling.

Minimal USA Glam Kitchen at 88 Franklin Street, NYC.
Frontal view

Enhancing the sculptural design of the kitchen, is a strip of LED lights just below the one and only line of open shelving against the wall.

Hidden to the left is a small pantry of 6 square meters; despite its small dimension, the efficient design has made possible the inclusion of: refrigerator and freezer, microwave, oven, a secondary sink and more cabinets that enable the main kitchen to maintain its minimalist aesthetic and the clutter to be hidden away. Appliances by Gaggenau and Miele.

The 6 square meters pantry

The cutting edge and functional design by make this the perfect open kitchen, with the island facing the living room as a focal point for entertaining and the cook-in pantry a place where to conceal the mess, integral to food preparation, transforming the living room and the kitchen into a unique beating heart of the home.

Minimal USA GLAM Kitchen at 88 Franklin Street, NYC.
View of the kitchen and the living room

Stay tuned for the images of the kitchen we designed on the sixth floor!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Summarizing what happened...

Two weeks have now passed from the opening of "Making Room: New Models for Housing New Yorkers" and it is high time for us to summarize what this Event meant.

The Exhibition, originated with the launch of Mayor Bloomberg's PlaNYC report, has had a huge response  and attention not only by New Yorkers (more than 2,000 visitors on the first weekend) but also by the major media in the world. 

A lot of television programs paid attention to the project: ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX5  and other Channels have in fact aired related services.
Even the main Italian TV news, TG5, aired a service about the Event. Not to mention the Chinese and Japanese press that was present at inauguration.
Go see our official profile on Twitter to have a complete list of the articles and videos and let us know what you think!

Minimal USA - Discovering Micro-Apartment on CBS
VIDEO: Minimal USA - Discovering Micro-Apartment on CBS 

The Event has also had excellent coverage on the press. 

Myriad of articles have been written by the National and Local American press (click on the name of the press to open the relative article): 


Minimal USA "Making Room" Exhibition on NBC Today Show
VIDEO: Minimal USA - "Making Room" Exhibition on NBC Today Show 

All the major architecture and design focused websites and magazines have covered this important event and lots of well-known Architects and Designers shared their opinions on this project (click on the name of the website to open the relative article): 

If this will actually be the future of New York and other major Cities in the world will soon be seen. 

Minimal USA - "Making Room" Exhibition on TG5
VIDEO: Minimal USA - "Making Room" Exhibition on TG5

For the moment us of Minimal USA are absolutely proud to have taken part in this innovative project that made ​​us players once again in positive, further underscoring and highlighting the attention for Minimal to innovation, sophisticated and bespoke design and optimization of spaces. 

In other words, attention and focus on improving the lives of our customers and those who use our products to better live the house and its ambient in a more comfortable way.

And you? What idea did you have about this project? 
Do you think this will really be the future for the big cities in the world?

Monday, January 28, 2013 featured Minimal USA's bathroom for The Museum of the City of New York

Minimal USA's GLAM Bathroom especially designed for the full-scale 325 foot-square apartment featured in the exhibition "Making Room: New Models for Housing for New Yorkers" at The Museum of the City of New York has been highlighted on Contemporan's homepage.

Thanking Contemporan for sharing our project, we take this opportunity to share with you our project again!

Tell us what you think!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Minimal USA's GLAM Bathroom featured at The Museum of the City of New York

Minimal USA’s GLAM Bathroom Part of the Full-Size “Micro-Unit” Featured in Making Room: New Models for Housing NewYorkers

The Museum of the City of New York premieres exhibition to showcase innovative design solutions to better accommodate New York City’s changing demographics.

The Museum of the City of New York

After the opening speech by New York City’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Making Room: New Models for Housing New Yorkers, organized in conjunction with Citizens Housing & PlanningCouncil (CHPC), opens at The Museum of the City of New York. The exhibition offers insights into how New York City’s changing social, economic and cultural lives, are re-shaping urban households, and how design can help the city’s housing inventory for New Yorkers at all phases of their lives.

 NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYC Housing Preservation and Development Commissioner Matthew M. Wambua
visiting Minimal USA's GLAM Bathroom

In this scenario, the bathroom of the full-scale 325-square-foot micro-apartment is designed by Bartolomeo Bellati of Minimal USA with distinctive sculptural design as well as functionality and quality of the made in Italy products Minimal is known for.

The SPA like design features a suspended vanity with a seamless Corian sink that integrates with the drawer creating a suspended cube sculpture. An extra-large medicine cabinet is concealed in the 58” tall mirror that enlarges the space. Further enhancing the SPA feel: off-white wall tiles present a natural stone look that gives more depth to the space and porcelain floor tiles resembling reclaimed Oak planks warm up the room. The bathtub surround appears to be floating thanks to a warm LED light strip concealed in the recessed 1" base creating a perfect ambient to relax after a long work day.

Minimal USA's GLAM Bathroom especially designed for Making Room at MCNY (photo by Federica Carlet)

Click here to see all the pictures of our project.

Minimal USA also supplied the fixtures and chrome accessories by Newform including the rain shower head that also functions as a waterfall.
Duravit provided the 5ft bathtub with optional whirlpool and the suspended toilet with remote controlled seat warmer and bidet functions.

Making Room: New Models for Housing New Yorkers will run through September 15, 2013.