Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Small kitchens by Minimal USA

Minimal kitchens are not only ideal for penthouses, large spaces and open spaces!

The production flexibility of the Italian Company allows to maintain a high quality even when it comes to designing kitchens for small spaces.

Here's than the functionality, quality and elegance of a kitchen by Minimal can be found also in spaces of 27 square feet, or even in a space of 54 square feet, proving that luxury is not just for large spaces.

Small Kitchen by Minimal USA
27 square feet kitchen in a studio at Columbus Circle, NYC
photo by: federicarlet.com

These small kitchens are not just the only example of how Minimal proves its quality flexibility.

There are, in fact, many examples of bathrooms and other ambient designed ​​by Minimal to beautify and decor small spaces.

Small Kitchen by Minimal USA
54 square feet kitchen in Union Square, NYC
photo by: federicarlet.com

Stay tuned to see other proofs of the customizable quality of the Made ​​in Italy of Minimal.

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