Friday, May 24, 2013

Minimal USA makes "minimal" even the outdoor

More than 300 guests including architects, interior designers, press and clients, have admired for the very first time Minimal’s first outdoor kitchen in all its glory on Minimal USA’s showroom rooftop.

Minimal USA Outdoor Kitchen Event
Minimal USA's showroom rooftop has hosted the Company's ICFF event

The event, in partnership with Gaggenau, Hangar Design Group and sponsored by Serralunga, Birra Moretti and Jean-Charles Boisset, has also had a live coverage on Minimal USA’s social media profiles.

The unfolding of the night, in fact, could also be followed on Minimal USA's FacebookInstagram and Twitter official accounts, where more pictures of the party and, most of all, of the kitchen will be uploaded to soon.

Minimal USA Outdoor Kitchen Event
Outdoor furniture sponsored by Serralunga

Minimal’s first line of outdoor kitchens has effectively removed all limits to its offering. Architects and interior designers can finally give space to their creativity by conceiving the use of the kitchens in outdoor spaces, making them, at the same time, minimal.

Minimal USA Outdoor Kitchen Event
The managing director and the staff of BOLON by VIIIR took part at the event 

Professionals and not have now the perfect product to give free rein to their imagination to create new styles combining elegance, beauty, design and practicality, both inside and outside their houses, counting on the quality of the Made in Italy of Minimal USA.

Minimal USA Outdoor Kitchen Event
The architect Gary Paul and his friends enjoying the night

This outdoor friendly collection features materials that make the kitchen not only perfect for the outdoors, but also for the interiors, ensuring a superlative result. The design is typical of Minimal USA: contemporary and minimal. As any other products by Minimal, the kitchen is fully customizable in size.

Minimal USA Outdoor Kitchen Event
Minimal USA Outdoor Kitchen Preview Event in its full swing

Once again, Minimal USA has shown its continuous research & development efforts aimed at improving and offering products with the latest high-tech innovations.

Minimal USA Outdoor Kitchen Event
Guests enjoying the ICFF event on Minimal USA's showroom rooftop

Further innovations that have already been introduced to Minimal USA’s products are new wood doors with veneers thick enough (4 millimeters = 0.15 inches) to be used as countertops, significantly stronger than those used by the competition. The new veneers come in a multitude of different woods and can be custom finished to match the customers’ preferences.

There is no limit to imagination. There is no limit with Minimal USA.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Minimal USA on DVD and Blu-ray...again!!!

From today Side Effects is available on DVD and is Minimal USA!

Minimal USA’s VERVE kitchen designed for The Brewster Carriage House is, in fact, featured in the movie Side Effects starring Jude Law, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Rooney Mara and Channing Tatum.

Minimal USA in Side Effects Movie

One of the apartments in the historical building in Nolita, NYC has been selected to host the last movie by the Academy Award–winning film director Steven Soderbergh.
Jude Law interprets the psychiatrist Jonathan Banks who lives with his wife Dierdre Banks (Vinessa Shaw) and their son in this open space apartment. The kitchen was designed by Stefano Venier, Minimal USA’s art director and manufactured by Minimal in Italy.

Minimal USA VERVE kitchen in Side Effects
Minimal USA's VERVE kitchen shown in Side Effects

Thanks to its sleek and refined design, the kitchen is framed many times during the movie and even in the official trailer. The kitchen is the ambient chosen to shoot one of the crucial scenes of the film in which the psychiatrist and his wife have an important discussion.
Also, for a full minute, Minimal USA’s VERVE kitchen takes up the entire screen whilst Jude Law, from behind, is concentrating on studying the case at his desk.

Minimal USA VERVE Kitchen in Side Effects
Side view of VERVE kitchen shown in Side Effects

This is the second time that one of our custom kitchens has been featured in a Hollywood production. In 2011, Minimal USA was asked to design a kitchen for Patrick Dempsey, the bad guy in the movie Transformers 3 – Dark of the Moon starring, among others, Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and John Turturro.

Minimal USA in Transformers 3 - Dark of the Moon
Click on the image to view the view the scene on our YouTube channel

These are just two examples of how the aesthetic sense and the commitment to custom design of Minimal USA create bespoke sophisticated products fit for the red carpet…even without make-up!

Friday, May 17, 2013

The party is about to start!

Little more than 24 hours at the official presentation of the New Outdoor Kitchen by Minimal and the preparation of the awaited event proceeds relentlessly to ensure the guests an experience to remember for a long time.

The theme of the night will be obviously the Made in Italy, to highlight the quality of Minimal products.

In addition to outdoor furniture sponsored by Serralunga, in fact, Birra Moretti, has sponsored the beers.

Minimal USA Outdoor Kitchen Preview Party
Beers sponsored by Birra Moretti

Hangar Design Group then, an Italian branding company with branches all over the world, has decided to take the opportunity of the exceptional event at the showroom of Minimal USA to launch its new iPhone application: Hangar Travel Guide.

Minimal USA Outdoor Kitchen Preview Party
New Hangar Travel Guide App

Last but not least, the wines have been sponsored by the family collection of Jean-Charles Boisset.

Minimal USA Outdoor Kitchen Preview Party
Wines from the family collection of Jean-Charles Boisset

Once again, do not forget to follow Minimal USA through its official profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get to know live the final preparations, the unfolding of the night and, most importantly, the unveiling of the revolutionary Outdoor Kitchen by Minimal.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Countdown to the party!

Still few days until the highly anticipated event where Minimal will unveil its first collection of outdoor kitchens and it is time to give some update.

The preparations for the party follow one another, day after day, and all the materials needed are coming to Minimal USA's showroom for them to perform the event.

The kitchen is, in fact, already there and it is waiting to be installed first and then revealed....

The revolutionary design is already here, ready to be unveiled!

....and guests will be sure to have a relaxation area thanks to the outdoor furnishings sponsored by Serralunga.

Minimal USA 2013 ICFF Party Outdoor Furniture Sponsored by Serralunga
Outdoor furniture sponsored by Serralunga

Once again, start immediately to follow Minimal USA on its official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles to be part of the event and to not miss the opportunity to discover in preview the happenings of the event.

Stay tuned! More is about to come!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Minimal's First Outdoor Kitchen Collection

Minimal USA 2013 ICFF Party Invite

Soon it will be the time of year when all the lovers of design focus all of their attention on New York City and its ICFF.

Like every year, the NYC design week will unveiled new brands, new products and new trends for the design world.

Minimal is not to be outdone!

For Minimal, in fact, the 25th edition of the ICFF will not only be the perfect opportunity to meet actual and future clients, architects and interior designers, but also an edition to remember for many years.

During Minimal USA's private rooftop party in fact, Minimal will reveal its first line of kitchen also perfect for outdoor use. 
Thanks to the featured materials, capable to resisting atmospheric elements, this new collection can be use indoor and, most of all, outdoor!

The design remains typical of the Italian company: contemporary, sleek and, of course, minimal.

Once again Minimal will show its continuous research & development efforts aimed at offering the latest technological innovations.

For the occasion, the event at Minimal USA's showroom rooftop on May, Saturday 18th, will see the participation and the sponsorship of others important brands. 

Gaggenau and Hangar Design Group will be official partners, while Serralunga will provide the outdoor furniture for the guests. Beers will be sponsored by Birra Moretti, while the wines will be offered by the family collection of Jean-Charles Boisset.

Despite the event is strictly by invitation only, people will have the opportunity to follow the party through the official profiles of Minimal USA on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

What are you waiting for??? 
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A whole new way to follow Minimal USA!

We are extremely excited to announce a new way to follow Minimal USA!

Minimal USA is, in fact, now on Instagram!

Every day new pictures of the "behind of the scenes" of the Company. 
An unconventional way to get to know, understand, appreciate and love Minimal USA's projects and products.

Pictures from the showroom and from the events will be also posted, to let you be closer to your favorite kitchen and bathroom Company!

So Instagram and Minimal USA lovers what are you waiting for? 

Start immediately to follow Minimal USA by visiting the official profile on Instagram or by searching "minimal_usa" directly into your won't be disappointed!

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