Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Minimal USA on the set.....again!!!

Have you already watched the movie Side Effects?

If yes, did you recognize anything familiar into Jude Law and Vinessa Shaw's apartment???

If not....well, we have the perfect excuse to invite you to go and watch it!

What is it? Hint: 1:23 in the official trailer, on the left.....not Jude Law!

To help you, here's a snapshot from the video:

Minimal USA - Kitchen for Side Effects Movie
Click on the image below to watch the trailer

This is the second time that a kitchen design by Minimal USA is featured inside a movie. 

The first case was for the bad guy's kitchen of Transformers 3 - Dark of the Moon:

Click on the image to watch the clip

Once again, the aesthetic sense and the commitment to custom design put Minimal USA on the red carpet, highlighting how its cutting edge design makes its kitchens refined, sleek and beautiful even for a Hollywood production.....even without make-up!  

Monday, February 18, 2013

"Sculpture-Kitchens" in Tribeca - Part 1

We have just completed another project designing two kitchens of two high-end apartments at the second and the sixth floor at 88 Franklin Street in Tribeca, NYC.

Here's the pictures and the details of the kitchen of the second floor apartment. 
To see the rest of the images, visit our official Facebook Page and tell us what you think!

In the open space on the second floor, the minimalist design of the island in smooth matte gray Lacquer and CaesarStone quartz countertop, makes the island the focal point of the room.

Minimal USA GLAM Kitchen at 88 Franklin Street, NYC.
The kitchen overlooking the open space

Against the wall, the base cabinets in the same color are dominated by the hood: a sculptural chimney structure that goes all the way to the top of the 15ft ceiling.

Minimal USA Glam Kitchen at 88 Franklin Street, NYC.
Frontal view

Enhancing the sculptural design of the kitchen, is a strip of LED lights just below the one and only line of open shelving against the wall.

Hidden to the left is a small pantry of 6 square meters; despite its small dimension, the efficient design has made possible the inclusion of: refrigerator and freezer, microwave, oven, a secondary sink and more cabinets that enable the main kitchen to maintain its minimalist aesthetic and the clutter to be hidden away. Appliances by Gaggenau and Miele.

The 6 square meters pantry

The cutting edge and functional design by make this the perfect open kitchen, with the island facing the living room as a focal point for entertaining and the cook-in pantry a place where to conceal the mess, integral to food preparation, transforming the living room and the kitchen into a unique beating heart of the home.

Minimal USA GLAM Kitchen at 88 Franklin Street, NYC.
View of the kitchen and the living room

Stay tuned for the images of the kitchen we designed on the sixth floor!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Summarizing what happened...

Two weeks have now passed from the opening of "Making Room: New Models for Housing New Yorkers" and it is high time for us to summarize what this Event meant.

The Exhibition, originated with the launch of Mayor Bloomberg's PlaNYC report, has had a huge response  and attention not only by New Yorkers (more than 2,000 visitors on the first weekend) but also by the major media in the world. 

A lot of television programs paid attention to the project: ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX5  and other Channels have in fact aired related services.
Even the main Italian TV news, TG5, aired a service about the Event. Not to mention the Chinese and Japanese press that was present at inauguration.
Go see our official profile on Twitter to have a complete list of the articles and videos and let us know what you think!

Minimal USA - Discovering Micro-Apartment on CBS
VIDEO: Minimal USA - Discovering Micro-Apartment on CBS 

The Event has also had excellent coverage on the press. 

Myriad of articles have been written by the National and Local American press (click on the name of the press to open the relative article): 


Minimal USA "Making Room" Exhibition on NBC Today Show
VIDEO: Minimal USA - "Making Room" Exhibition on NBC Today Show 

All the major architecture and design focused websites and magazines have covered this important event and lots of well-known Architects and Designers shared their opinions on this project (click on the name of the website to open the relative article): 

If this will actually be the future of New York and other major Cities in the world will soon be seen. 

Minimal USA - "Making Room" Exhibition on TG5
VIDEO: Minimal USA - "Making Room" Exhibition on TG5

For the moment us of Minimal USA are absolutely proud to have taken part in this innovative project that made ​​us players once again in positive, further underscoring and highlighting the attention for Minimal to innovation, sophisticated and bespoke design and optimization of spaces. 

In other words, attention and focus on improving the lives of our customers and those who use our products to better live the house and its ambient in a more comfortable way.

And you? What idea did you have about this project? 
Do you think this will really be the future for the big cities in the world?