Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Minimal USA on the set.....again!!!

Have you already watched the movie Side Effects?

If yes, did you recognize anything familiar into Jude Law and Vinessa Shaw's apartment???

If not....well, we have the perfect excuse to invite you to go and watch it!

What is it? Hint: 1:23 in the official trailer, on the left.....not Jude Law!

To help you, here's a snapshot from the video:

Minimal USA - Kitchen for Side Effects Movie
Click on the image below to watch the trailer

This is the second time that a kitchen design by Minimal USA is featured inside a movie. 

The first case was for the bad guy's kitchen of Transformers 3 - Dark of the Moon:

Click on the image to watch the clip

Once again, the aesthetic sense and the commitment to custom design put Minimal USA on the red carpet, highlighting how its cutting edge design makes its kitchens refined, sleek and beautiful even for a Hollywood production.....even without make-up!  

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